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The Tokyo Files: Part 2 – Meiji Shrine

After wandering around Harajuku, I walked over to Meiji Shrine. Meiji Shrine is one of the most important shrines in Japan. It’s nestled in a very green park in the Harajuku neighbourhood, which I really enjoyed – a calming oasis in such a busy (but fantastically orderly) city.


The torii were huge!



So many sake barrels.






I stumbled across a wedding! The bride was stunning.



Expat 2.0 = USA

Well. Yesterday was one of the most important days of my life. More than ten months after filing, I had my US fiancee visa interview.

I had it at the US embassy in Tokyo. I have literally never been somewhere so secure in my life. I had to get permission from a friendly Japanese police officer to cross the road to get to the queue to be allowed to go through the first security check. They have it set up that the only way to get to the embassy is through this crossing. After going through initial security (like airport security, but wi a few added bonuses – they take your phone!) I walked over to the consular section, where I went through another metal detector and had my bags searched, before going through to the consular lounge.

There were a number of people waiting. I was given a number, and sat down to wait to be called. The room had multiple windows, like a bank. I was called up three times – the first to look at my enormous pile of documents, secondly to get fingerprinted, and finally for the interview itself. My nerves were thankfully calmed by a little boy who befriended me. This little 5 year old boy could seriously name every station in Tokyo, and was directing me everywhere I could possibly want to go (I explained to him that I had to go tony hotel in Ikebukuro, then over to Tokyo station to catch e shinkansen home. He gave ,e correct directions, including the lines to take etc). He also absolutely insisted that he had walked by my house in semi rural Kansai, and was quite the expert at a sport that was a combination of tennis and soccer. He also spent a good 10 minutes comparing the details of the sinking of the Titanic, Britannica and a couple of other ships. Kid was smart!

Eventually it was time for my interview. It was a fairly simple process. The officer was really friendly and put me at ease. At the end of the interview I was to,d I was approved, and to expect my visa in a week or so.



Kyle and I are in the application process for a fiance visa. It’s a long process. Too long. But on Wednesday it finally arrived. The second piece of paperwork – only 8 months after we submitted the first! That means exciting months ahead of filling out forms, having medical tests done, and a trip to Tokyo to visit the embassy. Yay!

The intention is that, if things happen in the timeframe we hope, I’ll have a short holiday in New Zealand in August, before heading off to the USA. I seem to be about equal parts excitement and nerves, which I think is normal.

Anyway, on Wednesday, 3 friends and went out to celebrate!


Blue cheese burger = best ever!


We went to the free footbath they have in Kobe. It’s just randomly in the middle of a street.


There was a man in the spa who was trained in relflexology. He gave us all free foot massages.


Baskin Robbins. 😀


This taiko game is really fun. Even if I am the worst of my friends 😉

Overall, it was a really fun night, and a good way to get excited about my future!

I found my dress

Today I bought a wedding gown (well, techinically my fiance’s mother did because they wouldn’t accept my international credit card. Sigh). Because Japanese wedding gowns tend to be very, very froufrou and expensive, and I couldn’t go to Ohio, I couldn’t actually try any on (or any that I might be interested in buying, not that hello kitty themed purple princess ballgowns aren’t lovely). This meant I had to make an educated guess as to what would look good on me. One of the dresses I had saved to my favourites is about to be discontinued by David’s Bridal, and is $200 as a result. That’s a deal I really can’t pass up. Kyle’s Mom went and had a look and said the construction was really good, so I have ordered one, sight unseen, based on their measurement charts. I figure if it doesn’t fit, I can sell it and make a fair amount back.

Here’s hoping. I’ll honestly still go in and try on a few because I want to make sure, but I think I have my dress!

And I’m not putting it on here because I make Kyle read my blog XD