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Vee is three months old!

3 months

Awesomly blurry AND I couldn’t find the correct sized “O”. I should become a professional!

Our little girl is growing up. She is three entire big girl months old! It is super cool. She is also not so big, coming in around the 16th percentile for weight (the doctor still says it is fine. She is watching her!)

Vee likes:

  • Reading
  • Practicing standing
  • Dancing
  • Cuddles
  • Telling Mummy and Daddy stories in baby language
  • Late nights
  • Laughing

She dislikes:

  • Going to bed at a reasonable hour
  • Staying asleep
  • Being left alone
  • Riding in the car

2 Months old

2 months

This is late since I was clever and injured my hand. The doctor thinks I managed to dislocate and relocate my thumb, causing all kinds of fun pain! Thankfully I wrote a few notes:

At 2 months old, Vee likes:

  • The ceiling fan
  • Her rock n play
  • mummys cuddles
  • daddys stories
  • bathtime
  • Her rocking chair


  • getting out of the bath
  • sleeping flat
  • tolerates tummy time
  • cooes, smiles, laughs, moves rocker
  • She is 10lb1oz – About the 19th percentile. She continues to be little, but the doctor still says she is ok, just a tad petite!


She may have punched the one block over. I  have always wanted the baby that is precocious in the area of punching.

Fun facts about Vee at one month:

  • Ceiling fans are literally the bestest, most interesting, most exciting things ever in existance. Seriously.
  • Bathtime is a form of torture. Almost as torturous as changing her nappy/diaper
  • Daddy’s deep voice can soothe her to sleep. Mummy’s not so deep one isn’t as effective.
  • She can lift her head! She prefers, however, to cock her head back and flash us old man faces, because she is really an elderly one month old
  • She is starting to get night and day. By this, she will sleep for a few 1.5-3 hour stretches in a row at night. less so during the day. We want to encourage this.
  • She weighs around 9 pounds 2, putting her on the 48th percentile. She was born closer to the 90th, but the paediatrician is happy with her growth. She is a bit of a shortie, coming in around the 28th percentile. This means she takes after Mummy.
  • Eating. She likes it.

This month started out really hard. I had some stuff go not so right with me after the birth that caused my milk supply to not come in as it should. As a result, my precious baby lost more weight than she was mean’t to. We worked with what felt like 5000 people, until we found our amazing lactation consultant. She helped us suppliment through a tube that we inserted into her mouth while she nursed, meaning she recieved calories and a strong latch and breastfeeding relationship were able to be established. It was really hard work, and both of us needed to be fully committed because it mean’t feeding her was a two person job. Thankfully Kyle had a 3 week paternity leave! It was so worth it in the end.


I realise I haven’t updated in a while, but want to start blogging again. I figure it is important for the key events of the last year to be share,d so as to not be too all over the place and confusing. Which I will be regardless.

So this happened…


Then this…


And then this…


Little Miss Vee. September 2014.


Never has paying double for a bottle of water been so worth it…