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The Tokyo files: Part one – Harajuku!

Harajuku and Sunday = a match made in heaven! Harajuku is the hub of youth fashion and culture in Tokyo – I’ve read that fashion designers like to head to Harajuku to find out what’s about to happenin fashion. On a Sunday it is especially awesome because it’s when young people turn up, dressed in various forms of cosplay (although less than in the past). When in Tokyo last weekend, I decided to spend Sunday morning exploring this area.

The main street is Takeshita Dori. This is where the centre of the action is.


It really looks quite unassuming considering the influence this one street has!

022There were all these amazing little side streets that frequently led to nowhere.

023Somehow I find myself wanting all of these!

025I can see this being professional office attire in the next 3 years.


026  024  For some reason the Harajuku Daiso (100 yen shop) is especially famous. I couldn’t figure out why.

In the end, after swearing I would buy absolutely nothing at all when in Harajuku, I found myself with a new dress and new socks, which I don’t think is too bad. I really love Harajuku – it has an incredible atmosphere that I haven’t quite found anywhere else!