Monthly Archives: August 2013

Home for a minute

I went to New Zealand for a couple  of weeks. It as grand. And cold. But not as cold as winter really should be. Still, I was just glad to be away from Japanese summer, where they had the hottest day on record. Anyway, a few photos 🙂




My darling mother.



Nothing says Marlborough, New Zealand more than sheep in a vineyard.


I’m home

I’m home. New Zealand. It feels… strange. My city is a place I remember and feel connected to, yet so many years away, combined with the significant changes brought about by the quake 2 years ago mean I feel like a stranger in a familiar place.

If I were staying in New Zealand more than a couple of weeks, I feel I’d have to be well prepared for reverse culture shock. I think I’m already getting twinges. It’s funny how things that have always been second nature become a challenge. I struggled to figure out where to line up at the food court, or when to give over my money. It feals somewhat surreal.

It’s also strange to think that a week ago I was in Japan. It’s funny how quickly and dramatically things changed. Yet here I am. I had some amazing experiences in the last few weeks in Japan. I love that country, and am looking forward to return, perhaps one day with our children. I’ll post some updates on my last few weeks sometime.

Tomorrow I head for Blenheim to catch up with Mum. I’m excited for the drive, but kind of expect to spend it sleeping, as I am still on Japan time, therefore getting up at what will feel like 3am.

The journey over was long. I expected it though, considering I chose to sign up for 34 1/2 hours. I discovered jjust before leaving that I had something due 30 minutes after I arrived, so spent a fair amount of time working in the nicest cafe in the Kuala Lumpur low cost terminal. Which, by nature of being in the LCCT, wasn’t teribly nice. Nevertheless I got it completed.

In Sydney I was able to catch up with my father, who works there during the week. I saw the Opera House and took token photos, as well as purchasing a boomerang and eating a good meal on the waterfront. Basically as much Australia as one can fit in during the space of a few hours.

Then I arrived, and crashed.