Fitness update!

Well, I’m still losing, slowly. The cost of going to the local pool is just too prohibitive, so I have been doing what I can locally in the last couple of weeks. It seems to be working –  I am down 12kg now. More importantly I went for my annual blood test last week. A year ago I had high cholesterol, and everything else was at the upper end of normal. Now my cholesterol is perfect, and everything else is great as well. Honestly, this makes it all worth it!

I have been working on trying to build muscle. I really like the reebok channel exercise I linked to in this post, and have been trying a couple of the low impact fitness blender exercises. These really challenge me!

I have also been walking and hiking whenever my legs seem up to it. It seemed that the moment my left knee got better, I started having pain in my right ankle/ shin. I’m really, really hoping it’s not shin splints. If it doesn’t get better in a few days I’ll see my doctor about it. But it frustrates me, as I only have a couple of months left to take in Japan, and my favourite way to do that is to hike around.

I have been more on track with my food. I have finally managed to acquire coconut butter, so have been using it to cook with. A friend and I finally found it in the make your own soap section of a craft store (food grade, don’t worry!). I’ve also been spending more money than I should to get good fruits and vegetables, but that’s Japan for ya.

So that’s me + health and fitness at the moment. I’m getting there, and I am still enjoying it. I just wish silly injuries wouldn’t be so present. Gah!


This was from a hike a couple of weeks back. Japan, I will miss you.


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