Cheap Japanese Accomodation – The trusty internet cafe!

The other day I had some paperworky stuff to do, and my printer ran out of ink, so I headed to the trusty internet cafe (also known as a manga cafe). While I was there, I figured I’d grab a few photos, since internet cafes are pretty much the cheapest form of accommodation in Japan. They have been set up to cater for partying salarymen who miss the last train, or people who really, really need somewhere to crash in a pinch. Basically, you pay for your computer, which is in a little booth. You can choose between a mat booth, or a reclining chair booth.

It typically costs about 2000 yen a night ($20US or $25NZ ish). Most tend to have other facilities, such as shower rooms, drinks and food. Totally worth it for a quiet night sleep. There are lockers you can use for your valuables, if need be. I have found myself staying in internet cafes from time to time, and can attest that they are safe and comfortable. Occasionally they leave the lights on all night though, which makes it difficult to sleep.


This is the booth I used, with the reclinng chair (obviously). The chair was super comfortable – it was hard to actually do my work. (Forgive my mess!)


I grabbed a quick shot of an empty matt type booth. These are the ones I always choose to sleep in, and are comfortable. The only thing I would suggest is making sure you have something to use as a pillow.


There are showers. They are cheap to use. Note as well the wals of manga. There are thusands and thousands to choose from, if the internet is not your thing…


This one even had laundry facilities – I haven’t seen it in all of them. Food vending machines and free soft drinks are usually pretty standard.



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