Fitness Update (Again)

Well, I’m still losing, slowly but surely. Just very slowly at the moment. Very slowly.

That may have to do with the fact I’ve been a bit lax in the food department recently – working to get back on the wagon, and actually be smart with my calories. That doesn’t mean none of the good stuff though – I’m excited to be trying Cold Stone ice cream for the first time on Monday 😀 – after we hike for four hours!

I’ve started to get back into running. My knee is almost better, but still not perfect. At my doctors insistance, I’m taking it slow. I’ve gone back to week four of Couch to 5K, as it provides me with rests in between my running bursts, but still enough running to feel like I’ve had a good workout. It’s incredibly frustrating doing all the work to get to 5k, to find my knee injured and that I have to go backwards, not forwards, but that’s life.

I’m still trying to keep strength and flexibility training in there. I have been doing a fair bit of yoga (I still like Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown the best) and have started using my wristweights to do some of the strength exercises Reebok puts on their channel. I’ve found these to be quite effective – still feeling the burn after 3 days in my waist! I’ve added one of the videos in the series so you know what I mean. I look nowhere near as glamorous!

I’ve also been trying to hike as much as I can. I love hiking. It’s free, fun and good exercise. I am especially excited to be hiking in my last few months in Japan – I love rural Japan, and think hikling is a really, really great way to see the country. I’m also looking at different hikes I can do when I visit home in New Zealand later this year and then go to the US. I love seeing how forest and mountains change from country to country.


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