Taiwan, Days 4 and 5: Highlights

After getting back from Taroko Gorge, we were extremely tired, and didn’t do a huge amount. We dropped our bags back at your hostel, and went for lunch at Modern Toilet. Modern Toilet is a theme restaurant, based around toilets. You eat out of toilets, you sit on toilets, you get your desserts in toilets, your drinks come in urinals – you get the idea. I had been previously and the food left a bit to be desired. I figured I’d give it another go though – unfortunately it was a tad worse!



We spent the rest of the day wandering around shops in Taipei, and trying foods and drinkks we came across. It was delicious! I had my first ever Cheesesteak – Amanda is from Philadelphia, and hadn’t had a cheesesteak in years! She assured me they tasted at quite authentic!

The next day we rode up the gondola on the outskirts of the city. We waited a while to get into a crystal cabin, where the floor was glass and see through. It was worth it!


Aren’t Amanda’s earrings pretty?


At the top, we wandered round and found a hiking trail. We decided to go for a wander, even though we were both completely inappropriately dressed for it. It was a nice walk through tea fields, flower gardens and rolling hills.


You know a trail will be good when the entrance is this cute!




We ended the day at the top of Taipei 101. Unfortunately my camera batteries were dead so I don’t have anny good photos!


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  1. I’ve been through the Taipei airport (on the way from the USA to Indonesia) but never really considered Taiwan as a place to properly visit. I think I’ve changed my mind after reading this post though!
    Also, love the blog and love reading about a fellow kiwi’s adventures (I’m Mrs Earrings from WB, btw).

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