Kyle and I are in the application process for a fiance visa. It’s a long process. Too long. But on Wednesday it finally arrived. The second piece of paperwork – only 8 months after we submitted the first! That means exciting months ahead of filling out forms, having medical tests done, and a trip to Tokyo to visit the embassy. Yay!

The intention is that, if things happen in the timeframe we hope, I’ll have a short holiday in New Zealand in August, before heading off to the USA. I seem to be about equal parts excitement and nerves, which I think is normal.

Anyway, on Wednesday, 3 friends and went out to celebrate!


Blue cheese burger = best ever!


We went to the free footbath they have in Kobe. It’s just randomly in the middle of a street.


There was a man in the spa who was trained in relflexology. He gave us all free foot massages.


Baskin Robbins. šŸ˜€


This taiko game is really fun. Even if I am the worst of my friends šŸ˜‰

Overall, it was a really fun night, and a good way to get excited about my future!


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