Fitness update


This morning. All ready but unable to run!

Well. I promised to put before and after shots at 8kg lost. I’m now down 9, but am really nto ready to post a thing like that, so will change my own rules! (That’s 19.8 pounds for all you Burmese, Liberians and Americans out there).

So, four months in, here’s what I am doing, and what I have changed:

1. Couch to 5k programme. Love this. Hated running previously. Really hated it. Ever since I was seven years old and my brownie leader came up to me, laughed at me and said “you run funny”, I have hated running. What sort of person says that to a seven year old? Running has always been associated with pain and discomfort. When I started, the 1.5 minute running portions were torture. Somehow, I have managed to get (almost) to the end of this programme, and honestly, I love it. I have foot problems that flare up on occasion, and so can’t run today, and that is making me frustrated.

2. Yoga. I have been doing different yoga videos (primarily Denise Austin and Jillian Michaels). I have to admit I don’t necessarily enjoy it, but I enjoy the results, and understand the importance of not neglecting my muscles/ upper body/ inner Madonna in The Next Best Thing (because I am so in and hip with the pop culture that I reference 90s Madonna movies that get 2 stars on IMDB).

3. My fitness pal. Counting calories works for me and works well. It helps me be aware fo what foods I eat. I don’t cut anything out, but I try and keep mostly healthy (whole grains, lean protein, olive oil, lots of fruit and veggies, stevia instead of sugar where possible). MFP has helped me be aware of the caloric value of the choices I make, e.g. chips versus celery and peanut butter, and their impact on my daily calories. I tend to try and make choices that will keep me full and feeling good.

4. Other exercise. I walk a lot. I swim when I can’t run. I try and keep other exercise up when I can.

I mentioned doing T-Tapp videos previously. I have chosen not to continue with those, as I started feeling unsafe with them. This was because some of the moves involved a lot of bending and bouncing, that I didn’t feel comfortable with. I may try some of her walking videos though.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. I want to be in healthy BMI range for my height, which is still a few kg away. I am enjoying getting healthy and enjoying looking after my body.


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  1. Good work! Keep it up!

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