Thoughts and Reflections on March 11th, Part One

James @ Mongolia to the Moon wrote this excellent reflection on the earthquake and
Tsunami to hit Japan on March 11, 2011.

Mongolia To The Moon

I remember it was Graduation Day. It was bright and sunny but still cold – the sort of weather that causes people to stuff their hands in their pockets, squint their eyes down away from the sun, and hunch their shoulders against the short, sharp wind. You could feel winter resisting the encroaching spring – still holding on up in the mountains where we were. I remember the smell of the dust mingling with that of gas from the heaters. It gave the gym a dry, stuffy feel. I remember the applause, the footsteps on the wood stage, the feedback from the microphone, the tears, the sobbing, the laughing, the singing, the clicks of the camera shutters, the flashes. I remember the handshakes, the hugs, the congratulations. I remember the students leaving the school grounds for the last official time. I remember the pleasant exhaustion afterward – the sort of…

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