I found my dress

Today I bought a wedding gown (well, techinically my fiance’s mother did because they wouldn’t accept my international credit card. Sigh). Because Japanese wedding gowns tend to be very, very froufrou and expensive, and I couldn’t go to Ohio, I couldn’t actually try any on (or any that I might be interested in buying, not that hello kitty themed purple princess ballgowns aren’t lovely). This meant I had to make an educated guess as to what would look good on me. One of the dresses I had saved to my favourites is about to be discontinued by David’s Bridal, and is $200 as a result. That’s a deal I really can’t pass up. Kyle’s Mom went and had a look and said the construction was really good, so I have ordered one, sight unseen, based on their measurement charts. I figure if it doesn’t fit, I can sell it and make a fair amount back.

Here’s hoping. I’ll honestly still go in and try on a few because I want to make sure, but I think I have my dress!

And I’m not putting it on here because I make Kyle read my blog XD


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  1. Hi – I came via weddingbee.
    That’s exciting! $200 is a steal of a deal, here’s hoping it’s exactly what you’d like πŸ™‚ C’mon, why wouldn’t you want a hello kitty themed purple princess ballgown for your wedding? πŸ˜‰

  2. My husband’s mom actually order my wedding dress as well. Although it was a bit of a different situation, since my mom was planning on buying it and we even had plans to go dress shopping, But unfortunately she got sick, and died about 10 months before our wedding. Probably not the uplifting comment you were hoping to read, but I guess that’s how life works sometimes.

    And just letting you know,I’m Miss Ariel on weddingbee!

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