America, but pretend

So. My ear started to feel better a couple of days ago. Sadly, any hope of flying was gone, but Kobe was starting to drive me insane so my neighbour and I decided to go to the most American restaurant we could find. I could escape reality for a couple of hours, and pretend that I actually was with my fiance, and not my cold shoebox apartment (actually, my apartment is perfectly adequate for one person, but that doesn’t sound as dramatic).

We looked around Kobe, and realised that the only American restaurants were takeaway, so figured we’d simply duck over to Osaka and go the the most American of American restaurants – Outback Steakhouse. So long as we ignore the theme…

Outback is located in one of the prettier parts of Osaka – Osaka isn’t exactly known for it’s prettiness in general, but this area is.


Osaka, the pretty part

We had to wait for a while to be seated, but is was super worth it. The drinks were some of the best I have had, the food was tasty (and calorific) and the portions were huge. I know I’m in Japan, and therefore have an abundance of extremely fancy food around me, but I haven’t been so excited about a meal in a long, long time.


Amanda looking amazing


I felt like I was 13 again, and eating all of my favourite things.



After we finished eating, we took the underground route back to the station. The Osaka station has been done up over the last few years and is huge and sparkly and fancy. We wandered through a few shops, before heading back to Kobe, and therefore reality.


Oooh. Pretty.


According to Amanda, fountain of knowledge, a lot of the new station was done in the original style of the old station, from decades or even a century ago!


Happy New Year ❤


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