Surviving Winter in Japan

It’s that time of year; the time when Japan decides to freeze. The time of year when I must carefully plan how I sleep so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night shivering.

It’s winter. In the land of little insulation and no central heating.

During summer, I tend to forget just how cold winter is, and vice versa. Japan gives an extreme of both (for this kiwi anyway). To add insult to injury, the apartments here are freezing.

Here are a few of the ways I avoid freezing.

  1. My awesomly, amazing gas heater, bought for a bargain 5000 yen off a friend. It’s cheap to run, and tends to warm the room fast. 717
  2. My snuggie. Yes. I own a snuggie. A little social status was well worth sacrificing for the warmth, comfort and incredible style a snuggie brings. My fiance has one, too. Sadly, his one doesn’t involve a snazzy pink cat print.718
  3. These dinky heat pad things. You can stick them in your pocket, and stick them on yourself. It’s a little space aged, really. The future actually is now.
  4. Forget fashion and style. Forget it entirely. The ultimate goal is to resemble a pill bug. A pill bug in a turtleneck.
  5. Hot green tea from the vending machine (note the fact I’m wearing the stunning snuggie!).


There you have it. How I manage. Tune in later for surviving Japanese summer. I’m likely to write it in winter though, so I will be far too kind to summer.


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