Vee is three months old!

3 months

Awesomly blurry AND I couldn’t find the correct sized “O”. I should become a professional!

Our little girl is growing up. She is three entire big girl months old! It is super cool. She is also not so big, coming in around the 16th percentile for weight (the doctor still says it is fine. She is watching her!)

Vee likes:

  • Reading
  • Practicing standing
  • Dancing
  • Cuddles
  • Telling Mummy and Daddy stories in baby language
  • Late nights
  • Laughing

She dislikes:

  • Going to bed at a reasonable hour
  • Staying asleep
  • Being left alone
  • Riding in the car

2 Months old

2 months

This is late since I was clever and injured my hand. The doctor thinks I managed to dislocate and relocate my thumb, causing all kinds of fun pain! Thankfully I wrote a few notes:

At 2 months old, Vee likes:

  • The ceiling fan
  • Her rock n play
  • mummys cuddles
  • daddys stories
  • bathtime
  • Her rocking chair


  • getting out of the bath
  • sleeping flat
  • tolerates tummy time
  • cooes, smiles, laughs, moves rocker
  • She is 10lb1oz – About the 19th percentile. She continues to be little, but the doctor still says she is ok, just a tad petite!


She may have punched the one block over. I  have always wanted the baby that is precocious in the area of punching.

Fun facts about Vee at one month:

  • Ceiling fans are literally the bestest, most interesting, most exciting things ever in existance. Seriously.
  • Bathtime is a form of torture. Almost as torturous as changing her nappy/diaper
  • Daddy’s deep voice can soothe her to sleep. Mummy’s not so deep one isn’t as effective.
  • She can lift her head! She prefers, however, to cock her head back and flash us old man faces, because she is really an elderly one month old
  • She is starting to get night and day. By this, she will sleep for a few 1.5-3 hour stretches in a row at night. less so during the day. We want to encourage this.
  • She weighs around 9 pounds 2, putting her on the 48th percentile. She was born closer to the 90th, but the paediatrician is happy with her growth. She is a bit of a shortie, coming in around the 28th percentile. This means she takes after Mummy.
  • Eating. She likes it.

This month started out really hard. I had some stuff go not so right with me after the birth that caused my milk supply to not come in as it should. As a result, my precious baby lost more weight than she was mean’t to. We worked with what felt like 5000 people, until we found our amazing lactation consultant. She helped us suppliment through a tube that we inserted into her mouth while she nursed, meaning she recieved calories and a strong latch and breastfeeding relationship were able to be established. It was really hard work, and both of us needed to be fully committed because it mean’t feeding her was a two person job. Thankfully Kyle had a 3 week paternity leave! It was so worth it in the end.


I realise I haven’t updated in a while, but want to start blogging again. I figure it is important for the key events of the last year to be share,d so as to not be too all over the place and confusing. Which I will be regardless.

So this happened…


Then this…


And then this…


Little Miss Vee. September 2014.

Planes and Shuttles in D.C.

This post may be a little all over the place. I’m sick and have foggy brain and have therefore decided that spending my time blogging whilst simultaneously attempting to do some sort of festive Christmas design on my nails is a good idea. Especially given my distinct lack of artistic talent.

My mother and Step Father were in town a few weeks ago for my wedding. My father is obsessed with planes. My father-in-law is obsessed with planes. My now husband is obsessed with Space. The only logical conclusions were a family trip to Dayton or a family trip to DC to visit an air and space museum.

For my stepmother and me, the choice was easy. So we loaded up the car and we went to DC. Specifically to the National Air and Space Museum, because really, what else in DC is worth driving 7 hours each way for an overnight trip?

The museum was actually better than I expected. Much better. Probably something to do with the fact that this country is the country of NASA or something.


The entire things was a giant hanger. It looked really impressive. it was basically divided into three wings (or whatever they are known as in hangers). One wing was commercial aviation, one was military and one was space.

ImageIt really interested me how the different planes seemed to have ways of giving them character, almost making them fun, a direct contrast of the brutal realities of the wars.

This was especially jarring when it was on the bombs. The cartoon character on the American bomb and the sakura on the Japanese bomb below struck me. They are both symbols I relate with being carefree  – the Saturday mornings of childhood and Hanami picnics welcoming in Spring.



Kyle was happy though. He was able to stand with the space shuttle (Discovery, I believe). Apparently, when he was a child his father, who worked for NASA at the time, brought home some of the tiles used to show him and his siblings how they worked.


After we had our fill of the museum we headed into DC proper to go to our hotel. We were so tired that we ate at the hotel restaurant and fell into bed. The next morning we didn’t have a lot of time, so we went to the White House to take the obligatory photo, and then saw part of the American History Museum before heading home. I definitely want to go back in future though, The quality of the museums is amazing!

Incidentally, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza, which we got for a steal through hotwire. I hadn’t used hotwire before, but will most definitely use again.


Amish Country Day Two: Inside an Amish House

So. I am a bit overdue with this. In fact, I have been back to Amish country twice since the original post. Whoops.

Anyway, I figure I should on occasion finish what I started…

So, on the second day I wanted to visit an Amsih house. This was an Amish styled house – we didn’t just turn up to a random person’s house. Not this time, anyway. We took a tour of the house, the barn and the school house.


This is the garden outside. I thought it was really quaint and pretty.


I believe this was the washroom.


In some Amish orders, dolls don’t have faces to avoid making graven images.Image

Bedroom. The beds looked so snuggly.ImageImage

Super glad I don’t have to try and cook  every day in a kitchen like this. On the other hand, I’ll happily eat Amish food forever…


The craftsmanship of everything is amazing.

I really love Amish country. It is so peaceful and quiet and welcoming. I will find myself there a few times I suspect!

Exploring Amish Country – Day one

So. I have a new obsession.

Everything Amish.

I became fascinated with the Amish years ago. Watching documentaries and readng books made the Amish seem like something foreign and far away. Something I would never encounter. Therefore, I was beyond tickled pink when I found out that I now live less than an hour away from the largest Amish settlement in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle had a couple of days off, so we went to explore. We arrived in the evening and headed off to dinner. I had been told that the family dinner at Der Dutchman was not to be missed, so we decided to head there.


We then discovered one of the biggest problems one encounters whilst driving in Amish Country  – getting stuck behind a wagon. As a result, we almost missed dinner. Thankfully, my giddy excitement over the fact that I was stuck behind a real Amish wagon meant that our moods were high regardless.

I had read about Amish food. It seemed like very simply country fare, and I naively assumed that it would therefore be bland.


I have never been more wrong in my life. Seriously. I am still talking about the creamed corn we had. I had previously only had it from a can. That stuff is the greatest substance known to mankind.


We finished dinner with pie. Kyle had a ground cherry pie. Ground cherries are green cherries that grow on the ground. The pie was basically everything that is good in the world.

After we were thoroughly stuffed we were forced to call it a night. Turns out Amish Country shuts down really early!

Quintessential American Experience #1: The county fair!

Well, I have arrived and started to settle into my new life in the USA. A small housing development in rural NE Ohio to be precise. We picked up our marriage license today, and, since Kyle has two days in a row off, have headed down to Amish country. I am really excited to be here – the Amish were always SO foreign to me, yet so fascinating. I am really excited to explore more and learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Kyle was working on a Saturday, so my in-laws took me to the county fair. It was a really fun experience. Prior to this, I had never heard of tractor pulls or elephant ears, nor had I had the chance to sample the glories of deep fried oreos. (On an unrelated note, 3 weeks in the US plus 2 in Nz plus a couple of not caring weeks in Japan = Laura’s weight going in the wrong direction. Time to do something about that. From Wednesday, when I get home from Amish Country).

Anyway, without further ado, here are some photos:


There were a bunch of animals (duh). They were cute. I wish their cages were bigger though, even if the fair was only short term.


Oh my goodness gracious me, way more rides than we have at fairs in New Zealand. My sister-in-law and I went on the ferris wheel. I forgot my fear of heights until it was too late – It hadn’t dawned on me that it was a non covered/outdoor ferris wheel, so you could feel the breeze and see the tractor pulling, and freeze in terror at any rock or creak the ferris wheel made.


Dinner. I attempted to get quintessential American fair food: A corn dog and nachos. After about 3 minutes, I realised the folly of my ways.


And THIS is tractor pulling! Basically, tractors compete to see who can pull a weight the furtherest. Well, the people driving the, do. These were loud. Really, really loud. (sorry it’s blurry – my phone doesn’t take great motion pics)

After a while, watching loud tractors made me a little restless, so my sister-in-law and I went for a wander.


This looked really American, so I made her pose in front of it.


I found the fair quen of a different county fair. Apparently the represent their county at other fairs as well.


This is a giant pit of dried corn. Really. And I got to play in it. My life is fantastic.


This sort of thing reminds me that I’m not at home any more.


Deep fried oreos. And stunning photography, no?

Anyway, that was the first of many adventures I anticipate having, in between sitting at home shouting at my computer in an attempt to somehow turn that shouting into a masters degree.

Also, a big welcome to Ohio to Molly, at A Move to America . Molly has just made the big move here as well, and is much better at actually updating her blog!

Home for a minute

I went to New Zealand for a couple  of weeks. It as grand. And cold. But not as cold as winter really should be. Still, I was just glad to be away from Japanese summer, where they had the hottest day on record. Anyway, a few photos 🙂




My darling mother.



Nothing says Marlborough, New Zealand more than sheep in a vineyard.

I’m home

I’m home. New Zealand. It feels… strange. My city is a place I remember and feel connected to, yet so many years away, combined with the significant changes brought about by the quake 2 years ago mean I feel like a stranger in a familiar place.

If I were staying in New Zealand more than a couple of weeks, I feel I’d have to be well prepared for reverse culture shock. I think I’m already getting twinges. It’s funny how things that have always been second nature become a challenge. I struggled to figure out where to line up at the food court, or when to give over my money. It feals somewhat surreal.

It’s also strange to think that a week ago I was in Japan. It’s funny how quickly and dramatically things changed. Yet here I am. I had some amazing experiences in the last few weeks in Japan. I love that country, and am looking forward to return, perhaps one day with our children. I’ll post some updates on my last few weeks sometime.

Tomorrow I head for Blenheim to catch up with Mum. I’m excited for the drive, but kind of expect to spend it sleeping, as I am still on Japan time, therefore getting up at what will feel like 3am.

The journey over was long. I expected it though, considering I chose to sign up for 34 1/2 hours. I discovered jjust before leaving that I had something due 30 minutes after I arrived, so spent a fair amount of time working in the nicest cafe in the Kuala Lumpur low cost terminal. Which, by nature of being in the LCCT, wasn’t teribly nice. Nevertheless I got it completed.

In Sydney I was able to catch up with my father, who works there during the week. I saw the Opera House and took token photos, as well as purchasing a boomerang and eating a good meal on the waterfront. Basically as much Australia as one can fit in during the space of a few hours.

Then I arrived, and crashed.